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It's an ordinary day on the ISS, when you receive an alert from Central Command. A mysterious planet has appeared just outside of the solar system, and has what appears to be beacons scattered across its surface. You have been sent to this planet to find the source of its appearance. Can you discover the purpose of its existence?

Instructions (Note: Oculus Controllers used as reference):

- Use the right stick on the right controller

- Press the A or X Button to activate the warp ray

- Press the trigger on either controller while either warp ray is active to warp to a point on the planet

- Press the button with your hand, while the warp ray is inactive, to activate the beacon

- Find and activate all five beacons to receive to activate The Signal and receive the Message.


- Rick Velez - Game Designer, Programmer

- Michael Wittenberg - Sound Designer, Composer

- Space Skybox curtesy of Plusar Bytes

- Planet Texture curtesy of Rob Luo


AOE_JamBuild.zip 82 MB

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