You are an innocent square who woke up in a mysterious room. What is this place? Why are you here? And why does everyone want to kill you? To find out, you must attempt to find a way out of the room and to freedom. But be careful, if you die,  you will be TRAPPED FOREVER!!!!!


- Rick Velez: Game Designer & Programmer

- Michael Wittenberg: Sound Designer & Composer

AuthorRick Velez
Made withUnity


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If you've got the time, definitely try to smooth out the character controls. 

Also, after coming back to the main menu after death, the game appears to freeze. Are you going to continue working on this?

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Ok, about the menus, I have no idea. Usually, whenever I would have the player lose and go to the game over screen, I would be able to click the buttons like at the beginning. But for some reason, the UI stops working once the game ends, and I couldn't seem to find a solution in time before the jam ended. 

As for this project, I'm not sure. So far, the people who played it seem to like it, but I'm also considering continuing a different project. I'm not really sure at the moment.