NOTE: Please read this before playing the game.


On a dark spooky night, a young boy named Phillip decide to explore the mysterious Abram Gray Hotel, which is rumored to be haunted. At first, everything seemed fine as he gleefully jogged around the halls of the abandoned hotel, until he suddenly stopped moving. That's when Abram Grey himself appeared to the boy as a ghost. "Because you've invaded my hotel" said the ghost, "You won't be able to move unless you roll my lucky die." With this curse, Phillip has no choice but to use the die the ghost gave him to escaped this haunted hotel. Can you help Phillip escape.


R - Roll the Die (Must be done each time you move to a new floor)

Left Arrow Key - Move Left (when Phillip is Cyan)

Right Arrow Key - Move Right (when Phillip is Red)

Up Arrow Key - Enter Door (when Phillip is Yellow)


Rick Velez - Game Designer, Programmer

Michael Wittenberg - Sound Designer, Composer

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