In Race Against Time, a scientist named Dr. Peter Peterson was in the process of completing work on his Time Machine for the 14th Annual Science Expo when a lightning bolt hits his machine. Fortunately, his machine was not damaged, and was working exactly as he intended. Rather than simply showing people's futures at the fair, as he initially intended , he decides to go through time and kill every vile person throughout history. Before he can do that, a robot named C.L.O.C.K.W.O.R.K. comes out of the machine and warns him that the Time Police are trying to stop him from going through with his plan. Therefore, he must avoid them at all cost while racing to the past and completing his personal quest. Can you help him achieve his goal?

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorRick Velez
Made withUnity
TagsTime Travel


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good game. great concept.  you could maybe tweak the distance for the police to be further to the right because you can just chill behind them and just wait for a high score.

good game. with simple concept. I love the effect. i think it was a good post processing. Also With the rocks i was not touching them but i was getting rewind. idk y? Although nice game. pls rate my game too

The game is great, but I found a few bugs: 

After colliding about two or three times, The game kinda stopped working. The enemies were stuck and the score kept on increasing.

Also, the music was a bit annoying. Otherwise a great game.

Please rate my game as well:

So about a minute in, the asteroids/rocks stopped appearing and the Time Police(I think) stopped moving. Also, the transition sound in the menu is a bit loud (especially with headphones). Overall, I guess its okay if its your first game.